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The Three-Eyed God was a minor antagonist in the New Demon Lord Dante manga, notable for being the first individual God encountered by Dante Luther.


The god had a loosely defined humanoid shape that stood at a giant size. Its body was coated in roaring flames. Most notable were its three eyes, with the centre eye having no pupil, on its lower jaw it also had a large pair of tusks. Ironically it's appearance seems more fitting to a demon than a God.


It was capable of flight and could burrow underground. It could released intense flames from his body with ease.


The Three-Eyed God was among the many that came to Earth as a part fo the single entity known simply as God. As the creatures that built up God spilt away, the Three-Eyed behemoth trapped a large crowd of people as they ran down a street, among the crowd being Dante Luther and his tutor Medusa. The Three-Eyed God demands for the people to surrender their bodies to the Gods, so that they may inhabit them. The people flee in fear, giving the Three-Eyed beast the subjective right to unleash his flames upon the crowd as they flee, killing many.