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Todaiji Nyuro is a supporting protagonist in Devilman Grimoire. He's a young student who's in love with Tsubasa Rainuma. He was a close friend of Akira Fudo before he merged with Amon, and even after his personality changed, he became a little estranged as a friend. He also merged with the dinozoa demon, Kaim to become Devilman Kaim. At the end of the manga, he merges with Sirene and Tsubasa, and thus becoming Devilman Kaim Sirene.


Todaiji is a young teenage boy with short brown hair and glasses. He's often seen wearing a white shirt and black pants, and even wears a school uniform.

During the Armaggedon, he has messy hair and wears a sleeveless shirt, a short-sleeved jacket, and pants with lots of pockets. But his most notable trait is that he has a scarred left eye.

After merging with Sirene, Todaiji becomes a femenine-looking androgynous being with two different halves: the right half with light meat skin and brown hair, and the left half with blue skin and hair, and a small feathered wing on the head.