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Tolios was a minor recurring demon from the original Devilman manga.


Tolios was a humanoid demon with a large demonic head with large featureless eyes (his real ones located in his mouth). He had sharp teeth around his mouth.


Tolios was first seen in the flashbacks of Akira Fudo after he had donned the Demon Mask. He is seen amongst a large group of demons that also included Somerci, Tillag, Sirene, Lamicabuja, Worat, Naza and more.

He was seen again shortly after in another group shot, as Ryo Asuka explained the demons origins to Akira.

Shortly before entering the underground Black Sabbath, Tolios appears in yet another group shot, now silhouetted, as Akira agrees to attempt to merge with a demon with Ryo.

Later after Sirene had been critically wounded in a fight with Akira, she begs lordZennon to send down help. He responds, and summons a small army of lesser devils to assist Sirene. Among the demons is Tolios, who could be seen lunging at Akira, only to be killed moments later.