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Tollg (トウルグ Tōrugu?) is a small, acid-spewing, parasitic demon that appears in the Devilman manga series, merging with a teen delinquent named Mico.


Tollg is a small demon with a undefined shape, seemingly aquatic with vague octopus aesthetics, Tollg grasps to its hosts body like worms digging into skin. There are several orifices along it, covering the breasts, crotch and one just above Tollg's deep sunken eyes.


Tollg's main form of attack was to spew a potent liquid from its four orifices, that would successfully dissolve and burn away at flesh, causing any that it covered to die a painful death.


Tollg is first seen attached to the teen girl named Mico. She believes it to be a punishment of God for her crimes that she only really committed in peer pressure from her friends.

Later when the same "friends" attack Mico for leaving, as they rip off her clothes. This infuriates Mico, who unintentionally gives into her demon and sprays them with the acid, while killing the two bullies, much to Mico's immediate horror and regret.

At some point after this, Mico and Tollg were imprisoned by the Demon Busters, who cruelly restrained her and used electric shocks to forcefully gain samples of Tollg's acid. Later Mico join Akira and the Devilman Corps.


  • Tollg never had an official toy of himself alone, as he is always attached to the Mico figures; in the Fewture Models figure, however, he is detachable.
  • In Re: Cutie Honey, Tollg and Mico have a brief cameo alongside many other Go Nagai girls.