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Tollg in Devilman

Tollg (トウルグ Tōrugu?) is a low-ranking demon that was able to spit powerful acids, he is always seen as the demon host to Mikiko Kawamoto.


Tollg (Manga): Tollg is a small minor demon that fuses with the human girl Mico, and fails to take dominance over her body.
Tollg (Amon): Tollg's largest role to date, he is shown fused to both Mico and a seperate demon named Atai, both times being subserviant to them. This is also the only time we see his full form.
Tollg (Grimoire): Fused with Mico, unlike other versions of the pair, this Mico is able to summon Tollg's appearence fourht instead of being stuck with it at all times.
Tollg (Gekiman): Tollg shares the same role as he did in the origonal manga.


Tollg (Crybaby): Seen fused with Mico in the final episode, its acids melting a few demon as Mico screams as she proclaims she was a devilman.
Tollg (Amon OVA): Seen only once during a fight with the toad demon Zuboo.