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Touros D7 was a large bull like Mechanical Beast that appeared in Mazinger Z vs Devilman as well as the origonal manga.

Appearence []

Touros D7 is stylized to look like a cross between a rhino and a bull, he has a large red body with thin legs. It walks on all fours and has a thin tail. He has a tiny head and a large horn just above his head with  layers of spikes going down his back.

Powers and Abilities[]

Touros D7 has no projectile attacks instead relying on its sleek slender frame, speed and large horn to impale its enemies.


Touros D7 is part of the large group of Mechanical Beasts that Face against Koji Kabuto and Devilman. After the Mazinger Z has destroyed Baian S2, Touros D7 charged at the Mazinger and tosses him up into the sky with its horn, when the Mazinger Z had collided with the ground it ran round again for another strike but the Mazinger jumps out the way and Touros D7 continues running off into the distance however the moment the Mazinger turns to look back he is attacked by Ghostarm V10 who wraps its chains around the Mazinger's wrists, allowing for Touros D7 to turn back onto the right course and charge however just before collision the Mazinger jumps into the air and lands behind Ghostarm V10 causing Touros to spear Ghostarm V10 through the chest with its horn, The Mazinger then swings them both off into the distance before they explode.


  • Touros is strangely placed in the film as he is the only Beast to appear in the original Mazinger Z manga. Altough all the Beasts present are based on an existing one either from the TV series or the manga.
  • Touros death in the film is the same as how he dies in the original manga.