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Tronpeleph was a member of Magistrum's kangaroo-court and a minor character in the interquel manga 'Shin Devilman'.


Tronpeleph resembled a bipedal elephant with a trunk and large tusks. He had large ears and a misshapen forehead that looked a bit like a old peanut.


Anything elephant related is already a risk to mess with. This one stood on its hind legs and had some big old tusks to mess up his enemies with.


Tronpeleph was among the demons who tried Jeanne D'Arc, after the had plucked her out of her own timeline and brought her to their own freakish dimension, the Hellgate.

Tronpeleph spent most of the trial watching from afar until the trials conclusion. After she had been tied up, he and several other demons are commanded by Magistrum to remove her armour, and strip her naked. They are stopped in their actions however, by the sudden arrival of Akira Fudo who challenges Magistrum's court. Tronpeleph is seen launching into attack, and is presumably killed in the carnage.