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Tsubasa Shiranui is a primary character in Devilman Saga. Tsubasa was originally a Japanese Air Force pilot escorting Yuki Fudo to Le Phare Inc. but was later bonded with the Demon Armor of Sirene gaining her abilities as well as some of her personality.


Tsubasa is a curvaceous young woman with short brown hair worn upwards. After bonding with Sirene, she grows slightly taller and more muscular.


Tsubasa was originally introduced as someone while friendly was duty bound and will carry out her orders regardless of the intent behind them. However, she did not wish to harm anyone and wished to protect Japan with all of her might. Tsubasa also had a slight attraction to Yuki

After bonding with Sirene however, she started to become more manipulative, feigning memory loss and showing a more lustful drive towards Yuki who had bonded with Amon. During a confrontation, Tsubasa reveals how she sees anyone with a Demon Armor as something above human wants and duty, even entertaining the idea of ruling the world and killing Yuki's wife Miki.