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Twullgey was a minor fly-like demon from the 'Devilman' manga. He was among the many demons that made up Satan's army. His appearance is only in later editions of the manga which came with additional pages.


Twullgey was a small insectoid demon. He had large compound eyes and a sharp jawed mouth with a second mouth inside with more humanoid features. He had a shaggy mane growing down his body and three long legs, at the and of his tail was a sharp stinger. He had three large wings either side of his body.


Twullgey was only shown in flight.


During the climactic war between Satan's demons and Akira's Devilmen, Twullgey was seen flying alongside the manta-like Firushu and serpentine Coniard as a volcano erupted behind them. He was seemingly slain off panel shortly after.