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Tyrannosaurus Rex (ティラノサウルス・レックス Tiranosaurusu Rekkusu?) were a species of predatory dinosaurs from the Cretaceous era. In Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman, Tyrannosaurus appears as large pack animals that lived as either predator or prey for the demons.


Tyrannosaurs were large carnivores with large chunky legs and a long pointed tail to help its balance, a large box like head lined with rows of teeth and short stubby arms. Recent findings show that they may have been covered in feathers.

Powers and Abilities[]

Tyrannosaurus (in Amon at least) traveled in packs, and had thick skin, they were quick on their feet.


A pair of Tyrannosaurus Rex are first seen attempting to storm the Sirene Tribe however a squad led by Sheena, the squad successfully kills one of them but the second one manages to kill several of the squad including Sheena's best friend Saias.

Later the White Monster kills several Tyrannosaurs off and then skins them and then takes their meat to Sirene who was not yet fully grown. As this was happening, a massive swarm of Tyrannosaur ravage the Sirene tribe killing nearly all of them, and completely destroy the nest.  

A large swarm of about five Tyrannosaurs later attack the small group of Demons that Sheena had joined. Several of the Demons were killed including a Clawed Demon that had befriended Sheena and had initially welcomed her to the group.

Later when on her own Sheena tries to fly despite losing her wings but simply falls down a cliff, were she is attacked by a swarm of Tyrannosaurs, however before they can fight they are suddenly wiped out by the creature Sheena had dubbed the "White Monster".



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