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Unicorn Panther is a member of the international crime syndicate known as Panther Claw. She appears as an antagonist in the crossover manga series of Devilman Lady vs Cutie Honey.


Unicorn Panther had a large horn between a spiked crest on her cat-like face. A large mane of black hair runs down her back. She wears a very revealing leopard print bikini of sorts, with matching clawed gloves and boots.


She was able to ram her enemies with the horn atop her head it could also be fired from her forehead like a micro-rocket, on her index fingers were two extendable nails that could be used like swords, though she also had her claws for close combat also.


Unicorn Panther was a viscous woman, hoping to destroy the android Cutie Honey


Having suspicions about the location of Cutie Honey, Unicorn Panther led a group of Panther minions to the grounds of St. Chapel Academy. By sheer coincidence, moments after they arrive they spot Honey Kisagari transforming into Cutie Honey, emitting a bright light as she does so. Overjoyed at having found her prey, Unicorn Panther goes down for the kill.

Meanwhile, Honey had transformed after her friend Natsuko Aki was kidnapped by Scarlet Hamano, who had transformed into a gigantic squid-like Devil Beast. Honey fought in vain against Hamano, but was assisted by Devilman Lady. With Lady fighting against Hamano, Honey strolls back towards the school to recover Natsuko (Who had been dropped in the fight with Honey), only to see her surrounded by the Panther agents.

Honey tries to warn them off, as she does she however, Unicorn Panther comes charging out of the darkness, attempting to impale her with her horn. Honey dodges but still has her chest torn badly by the horn. Unicorn Panther gloats as she introduces herself, before going back in to fight with her Panthers alongside her. Honey manages to swat away a few of the Panthers, but Unicorn fires the rocket horn from her head which stabs into her. With Honey incapacitated, Unicorn goes in for the kill, but is suddenly interrupted when Hamano comes smashing through the woods, followed by Lady. In the confusion, Honey is able to heal herself and challenges Unicorn Panther. The two duel, but ultimately Unicorn is slain, after Honey plunges her sword through her skull.


  • Though the design isn't the same as the original concept, Unicorn Panther was an unused design for the initial Cutie Honey anime series.