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The Unnamed Aquatic Demon was a minor character from the original Devilman manga.


The demon had a humanoid appearance with black marks dotted across his body. He had long tentacle like arms and a large cyclopian eye. On the top of its head was short flared hair and a gaping mouth with sharp teeth. Its long legs had webbed feet at the end.


The demon could seemingly use its tentacle-like arms for some kind of combat.


After a violent and bloody beating at the hands of Devilman, Sirene fled into the woods fearing for her life, begging Lord Zennon for help. He responded by sending down a small group of demons to hopefully stop Devilman in his tracks.

Among the many demons summoned was the aquatic devil, it tried to attack Devilman, but was instead tossed into a tree with violent force, seemingly killing it.