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The Arachnid Demon was a minor devil from the anime Devilman Crybaby. Most notably it is the demon fused with Miko.


The demon had six legs, each tipped with a large claw and two smaller arms at front just underneath her breasts. Her front torso is twisted with her barbed breasts, navel and clitoris on her back. She has six red eyes and four large mandibles around her mouth and a long platted ponytail. Her skin was either covered in light fur or pitched brown.


The demon was very fast and could leap great bounds. It's claws are capable of cutting through flesh and possessed a good amount of strength.


The demon fused with the timid Miko at a Sabbath Party, shortly after she saw her friend Kukun get killed by the demoness Aleda

After Miko had fused with the spider devil, she became a lot more assertive and strong willed, with the demons strength and image becoming her own. The demon died along with Miko after she was shot to death. 


  • Her design is similar to another spider demon from the 70's anime series named Adal, chances are however, the design similarities are just a coincidence.