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The Unnamed Armoured Demon was a minor villain in the 'Shin Devilman' manga, appearing as a member of Magistrum's court.


The demon had a humanoid figure, with a lion-like helmet with a long mane, eyes and open face-plate between the jaw. He had broad shoulder pieces and striped gauntlets.


The Unnamed Armoured Demon was a member of Magistrum's gang. He and the others plucked a confused Jeanne D'Arc from her own timeline, and brought her to the Hellgate to put her on trial for trying to bring a end to war, wherein the Armoured Demon could be seen grinning like crazy as Brucale chortled upon his sholder.


  • It's very rare to see a demon in clothes, the most notable example being Magistrum, who appears in this chapter as it's main antagonist.