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The Unnamed Ass Demon is a minor threat during the Black Sabbath in Devilman Crybaby. Its most notable feature is its unfortunate case of genetics.


The said demon has bright purple skin with its face squeezing through the buttocks of a young girl. Multiple eyes with yellow pupils sprout out and a thick tongue sprouts out of a mouth formed in place of the clitoris.


The demon was one of the many seen at the Black Sabbath. After the demons began to fuse with the partygoers en masse, the purple demon is seen merging into a screaming girl. It was slain not long after, being killed by the Devilman Akira Fudo after he has fused with the demon hero Amon.


  • This demon seems to be loosely based on the Shirime, a bizarre Yōkai from Japanese folklore, famous for having a blank face and an eye in place of its anus.