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The Unnamed Avian Armour Demon was a minor antagonist from the manga Devilman Saga.


It was a large, pot-bellied creature. It had a pair of flayed tails and large feathered wings. He had a draconian head and large glassy eyes. In its toothy maw was the upside-down face of the man the armour possessed.


The Avian Demon was only seen in flight, though its large snapping jaws seemed to be a sharp threat.


As the Demon Armor sets rapidly began to forcefully fuse with the soldiers, they took control of their bodies and gave new life to the ancient demons,among them was the Avian Armour Demon.

The demon flew down and attempted to snare Tsubasa Shiranui in its toothy maw, but Tsubasa protects herself by transforming into Sirene and instead grabs the avian serpent by its jaws and tears it in two.