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The Unnamed Big Hippie was a minor character from the original 'Devilman' manga. He was seen prominently during the Black Sabbath held in Ryo Asuka's basement.


The Hippie was a huge man with a lot of muscle fat. He had long messy hair and a scruffy beard. He wore a headband, black circle framed sunglasses, a sleeveless leather tassel jacket and trousers adorned with images of lips.


Described by Ryo as a human low-life, like the rest of his peers, the man was a perfect sacrifice to earn the attention of demons and was invited to a underground party held in Ryo's spacious basement.

The big hippie quickly got into the mood and spent much of the party going hard on the dance floor. When Ryo started attacking the guests, hoping to usher demons through bloodshed, the big hippie was his second victim, with Ryo smashing a broken glass bottle across his face and then brings what was left of the bottle neck down and sticking it in his forehead, causing the hippie to scream in pain. Immediately after Ryo, and then Akira, are assaulted and violently beaten by the other party goers, the violence only having a short pause with the arrival of the demons.

He is either killed shortly after, or has his body taken over by one of the many demons.