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The Unnamed Big Lipped Demon served under Zennon as a member of the 100 Devils. He was a minor antagonist in the manga 'Demon Lord Dante'.


The big lipped demon had large, fat lips and a matching tongue. Their skin was scaled and he had two sets of eyes, the upper set being feignly human and the lower being insect-like, between them being a single horn.


The demon was only shown to be capable of flight.


The unnamed big lipped demon was among the many that betrayed their kind to serve under God. Under Zennon's leadership, they were a member of the 100 Devil army and joined in with the battle against the recently resurrected demon lord, Dante, where he could be seen getting their throat torn out.


  • The small face with the horn and duo set of eyes, is identical to the demon Medoc, an antagonist in the later 'Devilman' manga.