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The Unnamed Captain was a minor character in the original 'Devilman' manga. They were the Captain of the aircraft carrier known as American Admiral, and was a unwilling puppet in Medoc's failed attempt at a nuclear war.


The Captain was a tall and well built man that looked to be middle aged. He had a dark beard and hair, and was seen wearing a Officers uniform throughout his appearances.


The Captain felt extreme terror at the prospect of launching his ships missiles. Not a evil man, but one willing to follow his orders.


Aboard the battleship American Admiral at sea nearby the shores of Russia, the Captain was brought to the command deck by his first mate, being informed that multiple missiles had just been launched from Russia, destined to hit America, much to his horror.

However the missiles end up vanishing into thin air as a great light envelops the entirety of Russia. The Captain orders several jets to go out and investigate, however upon reaching the light, all bar one suddenly spiral out of control and crash. The final plane makes it back to the ship, only for the pilot to emerge having been partially transformed into salt, he crumbles and dies, much to the horror of those around him.