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The Unnamed Clawed Demon was a minor character from Amon: The Darkside of Devilman. He lived in the Cretaceous era as a part of a group following Satan.


The demon appears to be a fusion of many different creatures, his legs, tail and lower body appear to to that of a velociraptor or a similar Dinosaur. His right arm is somewhat human with two rows of spikes going along it, his right arm however is more crustacean-like with a large spiked claw. The claw is also shown to be its main weapon, his head appeared to be enveloped in a load of tentacles covering his shoulders and head, exposing only a single eye.

Powers and Abilities[]

His powers are not shown much, his main form of defense however was its large spiked claw which it could use as a close combat weapon.


The demon was friendly and was shown to be kind and fair to other members of his race, sharing a meal with the demoness Sheena. Apparently he later makes a friendship with Sheena, as she is shown to be affected by his death.


He was first seen when the demoness Sheena of the Sirene Tribe, fails to kill a velociraptor due to her near fatal wounds caused by a large group of Tyrannosaurs Rex. While she manages to fatally wound the dinosaur it manages to kick her off and it flees, Sheena simply sits in remorse. However the unnamed clawed demon kills it off panel and carries it over to Sheena who hadn't moved and threw it down next to her much to her surprise. He then asks if she wanted to share as it was her who did most of the killing anyway and he only swung the final blow, they eat and the demon asks Sheena if her leg was broken, which it had when she battled with the Tyrannosaurs. When she replies he asks her if she wanted to merge together to help heal her, she denies as she didn't want to end the Sirene Race. However he then tells her that she had seen someone like her before named Sirene and she was with the demon savoir Satan.

Sadly he is later killed in a Tyrannosaur attack which saddens Sheena, however his body is then absorbed by Satan saying that he and the others who died will live on inside him.