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The Unnamed Concrete Demon is a minor antagonist in Shin Violence Jack.


The Concrete Demon is a massive monstrous demon constructed out of rubble and concrete, various fleshy appendages and the bodies of numerous New Shu Army soldiers, roughly coalesced into a dinosaur-esque beast.


As Jack, Ushio Mizuki and Sara journeyed through the ruins of Central Tokyo, Jack suddenly noticed that the ruins of a building had become 'contaminated with demon flesh', indicating that multiple demons had merged with it and any humans unlucky enough to get close. Declaring that he would kill the creature, Jack also told Ushio and Sara to stay on their guard before suddenly attacking the ruins, provoking the Concrete Demon into bursting out of the rubble. Once freed, the Concrete Demon instantly began fighting back against the trio, forcing Sara to defend herself with her Katana. Jack eventually managed to sever the demon's head with his Jackknife, but the demon wasn't dead; in its place was the Yakuza Heretic, who had taken control of the demon's body. Demanding that he and Jack fight, the Yakuza Heretic intended to take revenge on Jack for taking his own head at some point in the past, but before the two could fight, some citizens arrived on the scene, who mounted an attack of their own, burning the Heretic to death.