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The Cursed Tail Demon was the main antagonist of the seventeenth story in Neo Devillman.


A giant demon, he had a large pair of eyes on his chest and a large lipped mouth below. His real face however was a cut of from his neck with a small sideways face. He had some shaggy black hair around his head and a long tail with a small face on the tip.

Powers and Abilities[]

The demon possessed great amounts of strength, also if he succeeded in biting his foes with his tail he could slowly suck out their blood and eventually fuse their bodies, he called this his "Cursed Tail".


A sneaky backstabbing demon who wanted to punish Amon (Or who he belived to be Amon) for betraying the demon race.


After having absorbed countless humans and grown to a gigantic size he becomes attracted by the scent of human blood and goes to find the source where he comes face to face with an enraged Akira Fudo who drop kicks the demon and sends him flying. Recovering from the shock the demon gets up and begins to judge Akira and his morals before his tail bites onto Akira's arm and he proudly boasts that he was now going to die a slow death, however Akira's blood appears to infect the demon and explodes.