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The Unnamed Cyclops Demon was a minor antagonist in the original Devilman manga. He appeared as a member of the swarm that destroyed Tokyo.


The Cyclopian Devil had a large humanoid body with a muscular physique. It had a singular eye beneath a shelled-like head and layers of loose skin. It had a single tendril beneath the eye.


Shortly after the existence of the demons was revealed to the world by Zennon, a massive armada of flying demons swarmed Tokyo. Among them was the Cyclops Demon who went on a bloodthirsty rampage alongside his demon brethren.

The Cyclops Demon could be seen as a bloodied, beheaded corpse lying on the Tokyo streets, after having been killed by a rampaging Akira Fudo. Nearby were the bodies of Sapruel, Najuwarle, Gorgle and the Unnamed Beaked Demon.