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The Unnamed Diligent Schoolgirl was a minor character from Devilman Lady. She was a unfortunate victim of Mr. Okawa.


She was a neat young girl, she wore thick glasses and had fair short hair.


Hence the nickname, she was a hard working and diligent girl. She worked hard for good grades. Sadly, her aim to be the best ended in her demise.


After having studied late at school with her teacher Mr. Okawa, she prepares to leave. As she walks the halls, she bumps into a suited figure. She bumps into a suited figure, which she quickly thanks for his prior help. Upon examination however, she see's Okawa with a twisted, wolven-like face staring down at her. She screams, when suddenly Okawa fully transforms into his bestial form and grabs her. Tearing away her clothing her forces himself on her, before eating her.