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The Unnamed Flesh Eating Demon was a minor character from the original 'Devilman' manga series.


The demon is never shown out of his human form, which was a somewhat frightening tall man with a large brow and sunken cheeks, with large rimmed glasses.


The flesh eater showed a rarely seen case of friendship with the demon Eader. He was shown to be a little nervous about eating people, although Eader joked with him about it.


He is seen sitting in a restaurant with the demon Eader (who was also wearing his human disguise, a man named Mr. Maegawa). The two talk about how much they enjoyed the taste of human flesh, as Eader tells him about a time one of his victims bodies was discovered and it led into a full blown police investigation. The flesh eater looks as his friend in shock as Eader mentions that Zennon himself went on to chastise him for being so reckless.

Not long afterwards Eader and he depart and split up to go home, promising to meet up again in a weeks time.