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The Unnamed Fly-Trap Head Demon was a minor villain in the 'Shin Devilman' manga, appearing as a member of Magistrum's court.


The demons most notable feature was its large fly-trap like maw, layered with sharp teeth. It sits above his vaguely human-like face. His skin was covered in a camo print-like pattern.


The demon could make a nasty bite with that bulbous head-jaw of his.


The Fly-Trap Head Demon was a member of Magistrum's warped kangaroo court held in the Hellgate. He was seen among the masses that appeared in the sky and plucked Jeanne D'Arc out of her time and into their bizzare dimension.

It's unknown what happened to him after, if he was killed by Akira Fudo in his rampage or escaped amidst the chaos.


  • The demon is clearly modelled after Vishvalic from the original 'Devilman' manga, and was likely intended to be one and the same till the release of the 'Demon Bible' released in 1990 and gave further identity to Vishvalic.