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The Unnamed Grinning Demon was a minor character from the original Devilman manga, appearing briefly during the demonic mass suicide-run where demons were forcibly merged with humans.


The demon seemed to have a vague humanoid appearance. As the name suggested it had a massive smile with piano-key sized teeth. It had large slitted eyes and a mess of long wavy hair at the top of its head. It's skin is covered in dark markings, spaced across its body.


The Unnamed Grinning Demon is one of the many demons sent on a suicide run of mass forced merging with incompatible humans, engineered as a scare tactic to cause hysteria among humanity.

During the ensuing panic of beasts popping from the bodies of random people, madness grips the streets, with the Grinning Demon forcefully merging with a driver. Ryo Asuka was laying witness the carnage and horror around him when a car suddenly pulls onto the pavement, nearly hitting Ryo before crashing into a steel lamp post, causing the deceased Grinning Demon to crash through the window.