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The Unnamed Hippie Girl was a minor character from the original 'Devilman' manga. She was seen prominently during the Black Sabbath held in Ryo Asuka's basement.


She was a young slender girl with long dark hair. She wore a small headband and a skimpy easy going club outfit.


In her brief appearance she showed to be confident and flirtatious, setting her sights on pretty boy Akira Fudo and making him hers the moment he arrived at the Sabbath.


Described by Ryo as a human low-life, like the rest of her peers, the girl was a perfect sacrifice to earn the attention of demons and was invited to a underground party held in Ryo's spacious basement.

When Akira and Ryo arrived at the Sabbath, the girl quickly pulled Akira away to dance. Shy at first, Akira quickly got into the sway of things, even loosing his shirt at one point. Shortly after, once the demons had arrived and Akira had merged with the mighty devil Amon, a bloody fight ensued. She could be seen screaming as she narrowly avoided the head spikes of the demon Vegard, which instead pierce through and kill a man next to her. She is killed off panel not long after.