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The Horned Demoness is a minor demon seen in the Devilman manga, after merging with a human at the Black Sabbath party.


She retains the face of the human she merged with, which is surrounded by a set of horns with a large crest at the top. Her head sits on top of a long, dark neck which is actually a second head, with a large mouth with sharp fangs and a second set of eyes.



This demon is amongst the many demons who gathered at Black Sabbath party which was held by Ryo Asuka. After Amon's mind is join into with Akira Fudo's, she weeps at his passing, to which Akira insults her. She is later killed when Akira goes on his bloodthirsty rampage against the demons.

Neo Devilman[]

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  • She was often mistaken for Wagreb, another Sabbath demon with a similar design.
    • Interestingly enough, during the OVA Devilman: The Birth, which covers the events seen in the first volume of the original manga, that series version of Wagreb replaced the horned demoness altogether, being the character who laments Amon's possession at the hands of Akira.
  • In the manga Devilman Grimoire, the Wagreb of that series has the Horned Demons crest and horns on her head.