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The Hornet Demoness was one of the many horrific demons seen at the Black Sabbath, making a brief appearance in the animated film, 'Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman'.


Aptly to the name, she resembled a humanoid hornet hybrid. she had a pair of large insect wings, her muscular body was covered in spiked yellow armor with black tiger-like stripes, she has two short antenna atop two striped lumps, with several red appendages sprouting from the back of her head, each tipped with a purple spike. She had black skin, presumably left over from her human host, which remained seen in her face and hands. Large striped shoulder armor was seen at the top of her arms with spiked lower arms. She Her breasts and crotch were coloured purple, as was the sides of her face.


She would have been able to fly with her wings and presumably cause some damage with her various stingers seen across her body. She was shown to be able to perform a nasty kick when attacking Akira Fudo.


The unnamed Hornet Demoness was one among many demons seen during a Black Sabbath held in the basement of Ryo Asuka's home. 

She merged with one of the many human party goers, taking over her body. Shortly after she begins to take part in the attack on the boy Akira Fudo, seemingly the last human left alive in the bloody room. Crowding round Fudo alongside other devils, the Hornet Demoness violently kicks Fudo in the chest. Shortly after, Fudo manages to subdue the body of the demon Amon and transforms into Devilman. His first action was to take revenge against his attackers and in a single motion, he slices the demon crowd in half in a single motion, among them the Hornet Demoness, killing them all in the process.