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A Unnamed Insect Demoness was among the group that attacked Akira Fudo, prompting his transformation into Devilman.


Her brown-skinned humanoid body contains various arthropodal features including: a pair of long membranous wings, a secondary black and purple abdomen ending with a dual stinger, a large green compound right eye, and a single gesticulate antenna extending above her left human red eye. Her shoulders are covered in dark plating whereas series of light tan sclerites cover her neck, chest, underarms, human abdomen, and the back of her legs. A purple caterpillar-like appendage protrudes from the back of her head which terminates in four thin tentacles with yellow eyes on the end of each.


Her wings would of allowed flight though any other abilities are unknown.


Although she is never shown attacking Akira, she suffers his vengeance all the same after he transforms into Devilman. Upon witnessing her fellow demons getting massacred, she attempts to escape. However, Devilman jumps in front of her, grabs her breasts, tears them off her body, and then starts to devour them as she falls to the ground, shrieking in pain.