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The Unnamed Large Caterpillar Demon was a minor demon who was present at the Sabbath Parties early on.


It appears as a plump and long caterpillar-like demon with a flat, sharp toothed head. It had short stubby legs and ten eyes on it's upper jaw and ten more on it's lower jaw. It also seems to have numerous eyes scaling down it's body.


The Caterpillar possessed a massive, large sharp jaw.


As one of the many present at the Black Sabbath party, the Large Caterpillar demon began killing the many frightened party guests, shortly after It was the first demon to be killed by Akira Fudo after being possessed by Amon. After Ryo had gotten pinned to the ground by the corpse of the Corvid Demon, the Large Caterpillar beast descended on the trapped boy. Having just transformed, Akira grabs the demon before ripping it apart in two by pulling it's jaws apart.


  • The Caterpillar was the first demon killed by Crybaby's version of Akira Fudo.


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