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The Unnamed Lizard Demon was a minor antagonist from the origonal Devilman manga. He was among the deadly swarm the attacked Japan after the existence of demons was revealed to the world.


The demon was humanoid in form, with it's body coverd from head to toe in thick, fractured scales. Reaching from the back of its head and round to the front forming the upper and lower lips was a thick crest. It had long a very sharp teeth. It's eyes were bulging, lightbulb-like things. Around it's neck was a thin collar.


The Lizard Demon's only known ability was the power to fly in the air with seemless ease.


After Zennon  had announced the forthcoming demon invasion across the world, it took only five minuets for a swarm of demons to begin descending down upon the cities of the world, killing and destroying all they could. Among these demons was the Lizard Demon, who joined in among the apocalyptic chaos that engulfed the world. 

After Akira Fudo had gone a killing spree in retaliation for the attacks on Tokyo, slaughtering a great many demons, he is knocked out by a powerful mental blast, caused by the demoness Psycho Jenny. Afterwards Fudo is surrounded by vengeful demons, among them being the Lizard Demon, and as with the others he tries to kill him while he was down. Fudo however is saved when Zann comes down and tells them that Akira is to be left alive due to the wish of Satan.

Later he is seen among the group that swarm the Asuka residence when Ryo Asuka's true memories as Satan are returned by the demoness Psycho Jenny.