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The Unnamed Menacing Demon was a minor character from the original Devilman manga.


A grim demon with large leering eyes, a long neck, a large set of jaws with sharp teeth and eight long horns atop his head.


The demon seemed to have powerful jaws, capable of biting through flesh.


After much persuasion, Akira Fudo finally donned the strange Demon Mask, at the request of Ryo Asuka, and was suddenly bombarded with horrific visions of demons during the Cretaceous era.

The very first thing Fudo saw was the face of the menacing demon, leering down at him with bloody jaws, serving as the precursor to the bloody madness to come.

A bit later on, shortly before entering the underground Black Sabbath, the menacing demon appears in another group shot, now silhouetted, as Akira agrees to attempt to merge with a demon with Ryo.


  • Not including, 'The Great War of the Gods', a chapter which was added in later releases, the menaceing demon is the first demon we see in the series.