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A strange maggot-like demon, seen in the animated film Devilman: The Birth, when it crawls under Ryo's car.


the demon can continuously morphed with different parts of Ryo's car: even if its original form was mere maggot size of a cat, and continued to change its appearance to attack Akira and Ryo: first it expanded into the car's doors to lock them in, then produced a vulva/pitcher plant-shaped organ that can spit acid from the car's seats to strike Akira's back, and after sensing Ryo's attempt to shoot Illuge it created teeth from the frame of the car's window. after the infested vehicle was destroyed it can also reformed itself from the car's door, showing a disturbing appearance: its body became a vulva-shaped mass rested above short green pseudopods, with a central toothed maw, agile tentacles, strange appendages possibly feelers, and a single big orange eye. aside from its "vagina dentata" look, the demon fleshy tentacles, central maw and hunting methods make it close to a sea anemone and its affinity with a sea creatures, compared with the red blood of more humanoid demon much like Illuge and Sirene, is further hinted by its bluish blood.   


The demon, instead of recklessly attacking head on, uses its ability to morph with inanimate objects in order to strike his prey by surprise. It can produce teeth and a powerful purple acid to attack, but in order to bring its prey within range of such natural weapons it lashes with horrible precision with thin and strong tentacles. The demon never communicate visibly but it seems to be quite smart, given that it struck only when the two men had their back turned, albeit it's not known if it moved into the car's door to survive the explosion or it was only lucky that the blast spared one piece.


It is first seen while crawling into Ryo's car merging with it as Ryo and Akira were escaping from Texsch and Gardalza. It then tries to kill Ryo and Akira with an acid spit and by taking control of the steering and crashing them, but they manage to escape the car while Ryo uses his shotgun to blow up the possessed car's fuel tank, which was destroyed entirely except for a single door. Suddenly a cluster of tentacles extrudes from the door and wraps around Ryo, as the rest of the demon a strange thing vaguely reminiscent of a sea anemone, grows and split open like a gaping maw; fortunately Akira, even if scared and shaken, manages to blast the demon with Ryo's shotgun before it can eat his friend.



  • Its body structure Rensable another anemone-like demon, the Unnamed Plant Demon which also has eyes and tentacle inside its body that is seen by Akira while donning the Demon Mask.