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The Unnamed Policeman Demon was a minor antagonist in the original Devilman manga, appearing as a member of the deadly Tokyo Swarm.


The Policeman Demon was not seen in its true form bar a set of sharp canine-like teeth. Instead he donned the disguise of the body he had hijacked, a middle aged Japanese officer.


Instead of exhibiting any ghastly powers, the demon instead elected to use a pistol.


After Zennon had announced the forthcoming demon invasion across the world, it took only five minuets for a swarm of devils to begin descending down upon the cities of the world, killing and destroying all they could.

After a man's entire family was violently slaughtered by the slime demon Aponijittise, he ran through the streets, screaming at the top of his lungs for somebody to avenge him. He sighted a policeman in the distance and ran to him, hoping for help, only for the officer to pull out his gun and shoot the man point blank in the head. As the corpse twitched, the devil let out a cruel laugh.