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The Unnamed Pregnant Demon was a antagonist in the fifth story of Neo Devilman.


The Demoness had the lower body of a pregnant woman, above however she had a large worm like head with several massive inscet like legs on the sides on the neck and a long segmented tail.

Powers and Abilites[]

The Demoness had the ability to burrow through the ground and could emit a massive bolt of energy from its mouth after some build up.


AfterAgira had sucsessfully killed a tentacled demon he throws it to the ground only for the gigantic Pregnant demon to rise from the ground and swallow it. The demoness then starts to build up energy in its mouth before it fires off a gigantic bolt of energy at the group of Devilmen flying with Agira and completly wipes out a large number of them and takeing a sizeable chunck out of Agira too. Agira commands all the other Devilmen to come together and fuse with him, after doing so Agira fires his own bolt of energy and eradicates the gigantic demon below.