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A minor demon fromAmon: The Darkside of Devilman that accidentally got into a fight with Akira Fudo.


The demon was able to pull off a human disguise resembling that of a chubby woman in her twenties. As a demon however, it was very muscular with several heads: one at the top, one inside an inner mouth in its stomach, and its third one that was that of her human disguise on the end of a phallic limb between its legs. 

Powers and Abilities[]

It had a good deal of strength, and had a hidden mouth inside its stomach. It could fire out a spiked inner mouth with barbed breasts.


Late one night Akira comes across a man with no money pestering a prostitute for free sex, Akira confronts the man and knocks him out. The Demon however gets angry at his interference and transforms into its demon form. It opens its mouth in its stomach and fires its inner one out at him. However Akira blocks the attack. The demon then realizes who it was dealing with as Akira transformed in Devilman. As Devilman he rips off the inner mouth and shoves it into the demons main mouth choking it, before hitting the monster repeatedly until it explodes into a shower of guts.