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The Purple Demon was a minor character from the OVA 'Devilman: The Demon Bird'.


The demon had a vaguely feminine body with breasts, different tentacles placed in various areas of the body, two large scythes were its hands should be and a head that had its mouth and eyes inside its mouth. On its slightly phallic-like tail was a third small eye.


The large scythes on her arms could presumably be used for attack, as well as her snapping mouth.


After receiving heavy wounds at the hands of Akira Fudo, Sirene begged for the demon lord Zennon to send her aid. He responded to her pleas by sending a small battalion of demons to aid her, among them being the purple demon. Several of the demons surrounded Fudo, the purple demon being the first to attack, and the first slain by Fudo with a quick and effective punch.