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The Unnamed Rapist Devil Beast was a minor though notable antagonist from the beginning of the 'Devilman Lady' manga, with his assault on protagonist Jun Fudo being responsible for her rebirth as Devilman Lady.


The Rapist Beast was large and hulking in it's furry frame. It had a gnarled canine-like face with manic eyes and long banded horns. Around its neck was a thick mane of hair.


It possessed a great amount of strength, had sharp claws and teeth and could have used its horns for gouging.


Before transformation, the Rapist Beast was a young human man, trained in karate at the Great East Asian School. One summer, he and several of his classmates were holidaying at a wooden cabin in the mountains when Jun Fudo and her tennis club students hired the cabin next door. At night, the Great East students took a chance to try and get friendly with Jun and the female students, but Jun chased away their lecherous advances. They leave, but both groups are suddenly set upon by a colossal swarm of rabid bats. Jun gets her students to safety, but the Great East students stay and fight, before going through strange changes, becoming Devil Beasts.

Whilst Jun showers, the now transformed Greater East students break into the cabin, splitting into two groups, the first killing and eating the male students whilst the second group gathers together the girls and begin to sexually assault them in a clumsy fashion. After Jun discovers what became of the boys, she rushes downstairs to find the second group. Before she has a chance to react, the Rapist Devil Beast grabs her and forces himself upon her. Jun screams and in her frenzied state she begins to transform into Lady for the first time. Now enhanced, she uses her tail to slice of the Rapist Beasts penis, before gouging out it's right eye, finishing it off shortly after with her claws, as she tears the upper half of it's head from it's body. Soon after she set herself on the rest of the Devil Beasts.

The memory of her assault did not fast fade however, and Jun found herself still thinking about the trauma several weeks after the event.