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The unnamed Red Beetle Demon was a demon seen briefly in the second Devilman OVA, 'The Demon Bird'. Its idea of a surprise attack was to scream loudly as it jumped down on its opponent.


A small demon with a red shell. He had large black claws on both hands and a pair of legs attached to his thorax, his toes with razor sharp talons. He had two pairs of wings on his back and a large pointed beak and a pair of bright blue eyes at the sides of his head.


The demon was shown briefly in flight and could presumably cause some damage with his horn, claws and taloned feet.



Akira smashes through

The demon was one of a small group sent by grand lord Zennon to assist the demoness Sirene after she was mortally wounded in a lengthy battle with Akira Fudo.

The Beetle demon materialized above Akira and jumped down ready to attack but Akira countered its attack and jumped upwards, smashing through the demon causing its body parts to scatter to the ground below.