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The Unnamed Rose Bush Demon was a nameless devil of gargantuan size, that featured briefly in the original 'Devilman' manga.


The demon was massive, with a small crown of petals around its multi-eyed head and long thorn coated arms which it would use on its prey. Below was a massive drooling and toothy maw circled by massive petals.


The Rose Bush Demon had powerful vines, strong enough to pierce through flesh.


The demon was among the many present during the war between the Angels and demons. As a single Angel attempted to flee, the rose bush demon caught it with its vines and began to coil round and pierce through its skin before tossing the body into's its large mouth below.


  • While likely unintentional, the demon shares a similar design to the true form of Lafleur from the Devilman TV anime.