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The Unnamed Sex Demon was a mimic-like demon that served as the main antagonist in the third story of the anthology manga 'Neo Devilman'.


She appears in the third story of Neo Devilman. She appears as naked woman with short hair and yellow eyes. She has the ability to shapeshift turning herself into both MIKI Makimura and Sirene.


shapeshifting, absorbing.


Impaled by a spear, Devilman finds her ripping her from the waist down penetrating her sexually through her torso. She allows Devilman to have sex with her after both devoured by a worm creature. The two continue having sex floating in an unknown dimension, slowly merging with Devilman. She begins to grotesquely morph her body turning herself into Miki Makimura. A second demon is killed trying to join in. Still in Miki’s form Devilman continues having sex with her oblivious to his surroundings. However. Upon waking up he finds Sirene’s face looking up at him. Now turned into Sirene she says “come” blinded by rage Devilman flies downward burning up the demon smashing into the ground. Still wanting more, the demon morphs into a grotesque body trying to merge and take over Devilman’s body. Devilman rips her to pieces killing her leaving only a half torn head teary eyed as Devilman walks away.