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The Six Armed Angel was a minor character from the animated film, Devilman: The Birth. It's notable for its unique appearance and offensive abilities.


It was thin and tall with pale skin that seemed to glow, it had more wings than other Angels, and they crafted something of a hood around its head. Notably, it had six arms that could fire energy bolts when brought together.


The Angel could fire devastating energy bolts from its hands when brought together. It could also fly using its wings.


The Six Armed Angel came down to Cretaceous era Earth alongside its brethren, only to be caught in the ambush of the attacking demons. Among the attacking devils was a grotesque, multi-headed avian creature that swooped down and tried to attack the Six Armed Angel. Thinking quickly however, the holy villain pulled its hands together and blasted out a powerful ray of light that tore through the demon, and caused a massive explosion when it hit the ground below, wiping out anything it came in touch with.