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The Spider Demoness was a member of Saylos Army and a minor character in 'Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman'.

Physical Appearance[]

She had the lower body of a large black widow spider. while Her upper body had yellow skin with light blue markings. She had long brown hair and pointed ears. She had large claws in place of her hands.


She seemed to favor her claws for combat, she is seen briefly licking them tenderly.


She accompanied her leader Saylos in his attack on Akira Fudo. She and the other demons surround him after they trace him to his hideout, however unknown to her and the others, the demon Fudo had initially fused with was reemerging and Amon had reawaken. As Amon's spirit emerges, the building they were in was destroyed and the Spider Demoness was crushed to death by the rubble.