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The Spider Demon was a minor demon from Amon: The Darkside of Devilman.


The Demon could use the body of a human as a disguise hideing in it till it wanted to reveal itself. In its demon form it had several long twisted limbs, it has a long head on its front and a large single eye just above.

Powers and Abilites[]

The Demon could posses a human and use it like a body suit and burst out from it whenever it wanted. It could spew out webbing from its body in mass amounts that would slowly burn away the flesh of its victims. It could climb wall and cealings useing it legs and arms.


The Demon is first seen in its human disguise in a changeing room near a swimming pool alongside two other girls, being spyed on by Dosu-Roku. 

Miki comes by and berates him for being such a pervert before getting changed herself. After a few seconds a scream is heard from inside, he looks inside,only to be coverd in its webbing alongside Meriken-Jo, Miki's scream however reaches the ears of Akira Fudo who quickly arrives at the scene and releases Dosu-Roku and Meriken-Jou before ventureing inside. He sees the demon with Miki recently caught up in his webbing and the two girls from earlier melting in its acidic webbing. He transforms and cuts Miki free, the demon leaps at him and bites him on the arm, Akira however uses his powers and sets the demon alight killing it.