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The Unnamed Teenage Girl was a minor character from the original Devilman manga. She was a unfortunate victim of demon violence. 


The girl seemed to be in her very early teens, she had short neat hair with two hair clips on either side. She wore a patterned dress and had some sandles on her feet.


She seemed to be a mischievous young girl, fairly brave also, being unafraid to walk through the dark streets at night.


The girl was seen walking home late one night worrying about what her mothers punishment would be for coming home at such a late time of day.

As she pondered, she turns into an alley and slips in a red liquid, causing her to fall onto the floor. She examines it closer, only to realise in horror, that the liquid was blood. She hears a strange sound coming from nearby, and against her better judgement, she decides to follow the source of it. She peeks around a corner to see a freakish lump in the distance. She approaches the lump, calling to it only to stumble over something on the road, looking down she sees the dismembered head of a man and lets out a shrill scream. She falls to the ground as the lump turns to reveal its grotesque demonic features. The demon, Urutph, laughs at her before then violently killing her off panel.

Her death is later reported in a newspaper as a animalistic killing, alongside the man also killed by Urutph and multiple other victims.


  • Oddly, the design of this girl was later used for the design of Natsuko Aki in the original Cutie Honey anime. The same design was reused for Natsuko in several other pieces of Cutie Honey media.