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The Unnamed Tentcled Demon was a minor anntagonist in the fifth story of Neo Devilman by Ken Isikawa.


It was a large demon, he had large blank eyes and a bird like beak, several long spikes on his head as a substitute for hair. Around his body he had seevral white suckers and a mass collection o constricting tentacles underneath. He had large muscled arms with hook like impliments on the end.

Powers and Abilites[]

The demon was able to fly at great heights, and could attack with its claws and long tentacles.


The demon is seen alongside a gigantic flying demon and proceded to slaughter the group of Devilmen flying to meetAkira Fudo. Agira sucsessfully fuses with the larger demon and proceeds to go after the Tentacled Demon who was wrapping Several Devilman in its tentacles. The demon is thrown frown down into the ground however before it hits  the floor it is swallowed by a demon even bigger than his past commrade.