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The Unnamed Truckers were minor characters in the original Devilman manga.


Both of the truckers appeared to be middle-aged, one of them was a short fat man with a large nose, whilst the other was tall and gaunt. Both had dark hair and wore matching uniforms.


The Truckers were driving along a highway late at night, when the fatter of the two starts to tell a scary story of a woman who fell from her boyfriends bike when speeding along the motorway, and was ran down by the rest of his biker gang, cutting her body into pieces, and how that her spirit now roams the highway, hunting for victims. Whilst driving however they see the decapitated head of a woman in the middle of the road causing them to swerve off the road and crash into a building, the truck explodes killing them.

Moments after the crash, a shadowy shape watches the flames and laughs. We see it chew on the woman's arm as it is revealed the demon, Eader, had been the one to kill her.