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The Unnamed Tunnel Demon was a minor character from the original Devilman manga. It was taking part in a scheme alongside two other demons to prey upon unsuspecting train passengers.


Whilst never properly seen, it can be assumed that it was a demon of gigantic size, as shown when it swallowed an entire train with ease. In the dark, Sachiko mistook the beasts insides for a cave.


The colossal beast was able to swallow large objects with seeming ease.


The massive tunnel demon was in a plot alongside the wicked turtle Jinmen, and the body-horror demoness Aleda, wherein a train would leave its station but, ultimately become swallowed by the tunnel demon. On board, Jinmen and Aleda would proceed to devour all the passengers inside.

One train that the Tunnel Demon swallowed was the 16:10 Shinkansen, which a young girl named Sachiko was using after meeting up with her friendAkira Fudo.